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Your Dreams are not all Pie in the Sky

I was succinctly reminded that your dreams may not turn out how you thought but are still fulfilled. I recently met a wonderful, retired United Captain, who has been giving dual instruction in his own personal Light Sport Aircraft, a Flight Design CTSW, for a number of young adults. He gives them lots of ground as well as dual fight instruction as a CFI for free because he believes that these young people will have a better chance of becoming pilots if he can defray some of the cost for their training. Because his aircraft is not really setup as a full trainer, we wanted to transition the group into the Remos at The Flying School once they are ready to solo. This would be a win-win-win for everyone involved. So we put together a free ground lesson on the Remos to help them with this transition from the Flight Design.

Discussing the Remos

I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know them and of course these are highly motivated, well-behaved individuals. My intention as always is to give people the opportunity to discover something about themselves that has them know themselves bigger than they think they are. And clearly my friend Craig's instruction has been extremely well done! (As an aside, I think this may be the way to help increase the pilot population and I am going to see how we can expand this process.)

So I felt privileged and honored to be able to demonstrate my aircraft to these up and coming pilots and had a great time doing it too! After the class was over, my wife posted some pics of the event congratulating me on getting closer to fulfilling my dream of teaching young adults how to fly. I was a little taken back as this was not my dream (or so I thought). My dream, very vivid in my mind's eye, was to be able to give, for free, ground and flight instruction to the young adults of the Colorado San Luis Valley who would not typically have access to something like this. Not free ground and flight instruction to young adults in Northern Colorado...wait...hmmm... I had been so fixated on my dream looking a certain way that I did not realize that I was manifesting it alive but just not the way I had envisioned it. Stuck with a viewpoint that, although serves my motivation and I will still continue to persue, blinded me to the truth! I'm doing exactly what I want to do! Wow! And does it matter that it doesn't look a certain way?

Giving back to others is a way we connect and express ourselves in this world. And of course we are only human and will still want or expect some sort of acknowledgement for our time here. But I can only believe that when you act, without thinking about what you are going to accomplish, the pie in the sky taste better than anything you could have ever imagined! So sweet!

Craig's Goslings

L-R: Remos (N835FS), William Snodgrass, Mary Earickson, Jared Staggers, Chris Franklin, Tate Dupon, Weston Stallings, Craig Foltz, Zach Partain

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