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Remos Rental Rate (8/18/22) = $160.00 per Hour Wet (Currently Under Maintenance)

Van's RV-12iS Rental Rate (8/15/22) - 160 per Hour Wet  @ The Flying School
Instructor Rate (typical) = $50.00 per Hour

Go to the Google Drive location to download the documents listed below:

CLICK HERE FOR Colorado Sport Pilot

CLICK HERE FOR The Flying School

CLICK HERE  for Student Resources

  • NoCo Badge Access Form

  • Remos GX POH and User Manuals

  • Remos GX Weight & Balance

  • Remos GX Tips

  • RV-12iS POH and User Manuals

  • RV-12iS Tips and Tricks

  • Preflight Weather Adobe PDF

  • NoCo Script - Microsoft Word document

  • KFNL Google Earth kml map of practice area

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