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You Need To Blog, My Marketing Manager (Wife) Says

Why blog? To increase marketing visibility and make money. Done!

If you are curious about what I am doing here, I am sneakily up selling a product. What product you ask, read on. My wife has recently been helping to market my Colorado Sport Pilot Facebook page and I genuinely appreciate it! She believes that using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are a great way to help increase my business. Some statistics (so I am intentionally being lazy and just grabbed the first one I could find; Digital Marketing Media) state that 70% of humans use social media. The other 30% I assume are playing with their kids or pets. So, what is it that you put in a blog? Well, you can put in some interesting facts (yawn) that have your readers think you are sooo smart. Example. The word blog comes from the term “web log”. This is where years ago geeks were typing everything they could about the new Internet believing everyone was reading it, glued in dark fascination! The word weblog was reduced to “blog” and thus we get blogs now. But what do you put into a blog that holds your readers fascination so they will click the PayMeNowPal button? Some trivia history as I mentioned above but also you need some pithy content that might inspire or motivate the dear reader. You need something pointing out the potential for greatness that is within all of us and an opportunity for all while also name-dropping words and phrases that the Google Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) is using. Ahhh, here is the real marketing of the blog…the tying to together in some mystical way the words, Colorado, Sport, Pilot, Flying and so on, I have now just added tags to my blog that will be sucked into the Interwebs and used by search engines to give to the unsuspecting potential customer. So now, the person searching for something like “sporty Colorado bats flying” might stumble across the aggregated Googleness of this blog and sign up to go flying with the bats! (Sorry, I don’t fly with bats!)

While pithy, inspiring items in your web log help, the search engines also like links to other items which increases their searching index, for example if you wanted to read more about these wonderfully exciting diatribes of mine, you could go here. And it is also beneficial to have strategically placed photos to help keep the reader’s interest.

Remos GX
Remos GX at Erie

While it may not seem like it because of my not so subtle sarcasm, I actually do truly enjoy writing blogs. You can see my others here. I didn’t really have too much time to write this one. Lots of deadline pressure from the marketing department. She said she needs this right away! Sheesh! What I really love even more than writing Blogs is my Marketing Manager! I have mentioned this before, that my wife is not a big fan of flying around in small airplanes. It is just not her jam. And yet she does love to support me. This is the very special thing about her and who she is. Laura is a person who supports people in what they are up to in their life. She wants people to have fantastic lives! As a financial advisor, this is her jam, her calling, making a difference for people financially not just today in the short run but for their whole lives including in retirement. Unfortunately financial advisors at Edward Jones, where she works, can’t write financial blogs (company policy and government regulations and all that kind of stuff). Of course, she does have insightful information about the markets and retirement which she is always delighted to discuss with people in person or on the phone. Her work is so extremely useful and needed. I cannot say enough about how important it is. A person really needs to have the best long term financial advisor because when this journey starts to come to an end and these silly blogs are as meaningless as the electronic bits of dust in the wind, having a great Financial Advisor like my wife, Laura Snodgrass, may be one of the many great decisions you will make in your life! I bet you have figured out what I was upselling! 😊

Selfie in FC
Bill & Laura


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