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Bill on a cold night at Kimball, NE

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Colorado Pilots Association
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Husband, Father, Pilot, Mountaineer, Photographer, Computer Geek, Instructor,

Lover of Life!


I cannot begin to express how happy I am to be able to do this!! Life is a gift as I am sure you well know and we are all lucky to have this privilege to do everything we do. I am myself very blessed and lucky to continue on this journey. You can read about my long 10 year plus journey towards aviation in this article I wrote, Flying Thank You Tour


Suffice to say, my basic start on this trip was, in fact a vacation trip to Alaska. While there, I got to experience 2 flightseeing tours, one around Denali and the second tour over the Kenai Fjords with Jim Craig and Seward Air Tours. From there I started learning how to fly and became passionate about flying ever since with an accumulation so far of 1600 hours of flying. I have a Sport Pilot and Private Pilot Certificate and a Sport Pilot Flight Instruction Certificate. I currently own the Remos GX which is currently under maintenance but train in The Flying School's RV-12iS as well as fly and rent a Cherokee 180 from the Northern Colorado Flying Club.


Besides all of the cool aircraft I have flown such as Diamond's, Cessna's, Piper's, Weight-Shift Control (trikes), Capella, Citabria, Sport Cruiser, RV-12 and of course the Remos GX, I have also met some of the very best people in the world! The passion for flying tends to create a group of people with high integrity, a desire to learn with a greater desire to teach. Once you have managed to take a vehicle from the three dimensions of space to the two dimension of land, the experience will stay with you forever and you want to share that experience naturally.


When not flying, I have the support of my generous family to enjoy as well as doing some mountaineering, photography and videography. I've climbed all of Colorado's 14 thousand foot mountains as well as others in Canada, Mexico and Bolivia with my highest peak so far being 21,500 foot Illimani. I was a software developer specializing in software configuration management but am retired from that kind of work. I was the EAA Chapter 515 President for three years, and was the EAA Chapter 515 Young Eagles Coordinator for two years. I was also the Colorado and Wyoming Area Wing Leaders for Angel Flight West for four years. I am currently the FNL Pilots Association President as well as the Safety Officer for the Northern Colorado Flying Club.


Finally, if you have actually read this far, then either you are one of my 2 fans :-) or you interested in understanding more before you choose to learn to fly. If the latter is the case, please let me tell you that the simple act of calling or e-mailing me, so we can talk in person, is the very first step in your journey to greatness! And I don't use the word "greatness" lightly. Because you see, until I learned to fly, I thought I was alright and I knew I had a good life but there was something missing that I could not see but could feel. That presence, that confidence, that ability to see my future in front of me and create it out of nothing was woken up once flying. The possibility of greatness is within all of us but sometimes we just need something to help make it more real. I believe flying is one of these endeavors that open up our spirit to a new realm of possibility to do and have anything in your life! Ask me more!

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