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The Remos GX

The Remos aircraft were manufactured in Germany at the Remos Aircraft Company, GmbH. Production of the GX model started in 2006. Our aircraft is a 2 seater, carbon fiber, monocoque construction which gives light weight with extremely strong characteristics. The aircraft is powered by the very reliable Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP engine. The airplane will hold two passengers, with a full 22 gallons of gas and 60 pounds of baggage for a cruise flight of over 4 hours.

The cockpit hosts two, 7" Dynon D100 & D120 multi-function displays which contain the majority of your flight instruments. Included within the cockpit are two Garmin radios, a Garmin 330 Transponder and a Garmin 496 GPS with TIS. As well as ADS-B Out and In.

Dynon 7" and Garmin GPSMAP 496

Along wih an HSI, instrument lights as well as landing light and an ELT, everything you need to have a safe and fun flight is there. Dual throttle controls as well as dual flight controls allow your instructor to demonstrate everything you need to become a successful Pilot.

Remos GX in front of hangar after rain
Flying 13,000 feet over the Continental Divide




The beauty of the Fort Collins-Loveland Airport is its proximity to our splendid mountains and all of its majestic scenery! Once you get your certificate and have been endorsed to fly in the mountains, a quick jump to the West will showcase the Front Range, the Rocky Mountains and more. Take your partner and friends for a ride over the Continental Divide next to Longs's Peak for a view that is truly breathtaking!


Scenic Flights
The town of Windsor covered in early morning fog
Photo Flights




One of the most spectacular aspects of the Remox GX is the doors can be easily removed for unadulterated photogrpahic flight! Flying around without the doors and the high wing allow for superb scenic flights of the views around. Whether for business or pleasure, schedule a flight to see what can be seen!


Bill with his beloved Remos GX!
Rent & Fly




If you already have your Pilot's certificate, come get checked out in one of the new Light Sport Aircraft such as the Remos GX. See how this light weight aircraft can be a ton of fun! Schedule a check out and go fill your time with some sun and fun!


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