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I have more knowledge...

So I passed my Private Pilot Knowledge Test with an 83%. This is an hour and a half test of 61 multiple choice questions. I think I've been studying off and on for like 2 years now! But a lot of these FAA questions are soooo booooring! So I should be happy, right? But no, I'm disappointed in myself. Passing is simply 70% or higher. We like to think that we are disappointed in our lack of perfection. But the truth is I'm worried about looking bad! I don't want my wife or instructor friend or anyone else for that matter to see how bad I am. How I'm not really that bright. How I am really as stupid as my internal "it" thinks I am! But it is all in my head. After talking with my instructor friend, he informs me that he got a 73 on his test (name withheld to protect the innocent)! This had me smiling from ear-to-ear and laughing!

Why? Because I know this man well. He is a really, really good instructor and it is a testament to his humanity that he would easily share with me how poorly he did, yet I hold him in the highest esteem! I AM an idiot! But only in my own belief within myself. My "it" is stupid and does not know what is going on out in the real world but my SELF, my being, knows that I am surrounded by extraordinary friends of of immense character, love and life. Of that I am 100% sure!

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