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The Possibility of Greatness Awaits!


Come see your dream take flight and become real right before your eyes! Learn to fly using the Vans' RV-12iS and get your Sport Pilot Certificate!

Flight Training

The best flight instructors in the world want to give you the opportunity to experience the passion that flying has to offer. A Sport Pilot Certificate is the least expensive and fastest way to get a flying certificate

The Aircraft

The RV-12iS is Van's Aircraft popular S-LSA version of their RV-12. This is The Flying School's very well made model with all of the bells and whistles! Not only a very fun airplane to fly and great trainer, this also has the most up to date avionics!

About Me

My name is William Snodgrass but I go by Bill. I love, love to fly and give this experience to others! I truly believe that if you can learn to fly, YOU can do anything in your life...ANY THING!!

About Colorado Sport Pilot, LLC

Colorado Sport Pilot, LLC is a company dedicated to teaching anyone how to fly! Founded in March of 2015 with the purchase of the Remos GX, we specialize in Primary Flight Training, Sport Pilot and Private Pilot training.

I am a Sport Pilot Flight Instructor (CFI-S), which will allow me to instruct in Light-Sport airplanes. The fact that I not only get to work with students wanting to earn their Sport Pilot certifications and continue to fly my favorite airplane means I AM Living-the-Dream! Yes...I am!


So contact us and schedule your dream now!

Remos GX at Night at Kimball, NE Airport
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